World Transplant Games Federation: The organisation behind the games

World Transplant Games Federation
The World Transplant Games Federation (WTGF) celebrates the power of life through sports and highlights the importance of organ donation. Founded with the goal of creating global awareness of the importance and success of organ transplants, the WTGF organizes sporting events for transplant survivors from around the world.

The WTGF hosts the World Transplant Games – an international sporting event that takes place every two years. These games are not only a platform for transplant recipients to demonstrate their physical strength and resilience but also a vivid testament to the second chance at life made possible by organ donations. Participants of all ages compete in disciplines such as athletics, swimming, cycling, and tennis, emphasizing the wide range of recovery and commitment.

In addition to promoting the health and well-being of people who have received a transplant, the WTGF also works intensively to improve public support and understanding of organ donations worldwide. Through educational programs, partnerships with health organizations, and media campaigns, the WTGF aims to increase the number of registered organ donors and make life-saving transplants more accessible.

The World Transplant Games Federation shows through its activities how life-changing transplants can be and emphasizes the need for continuous support and research in this area. It invites people everywhere to participate in this vital mission, whether by registering as an organ donor or supporting their events and programs.

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