Donor Families & Friends

A celebration of a second chance of life, demonstrating the success of transplant surgery and promoting the need to raise public awareness of organ and tissue donation.

Across the world thousands of families are connected through their unique contribution to the gift of life. Some have agreed to organ donation after the passing of a loved one. Others have agreed to the living donation of a kidney.

For these families the World Transplant Games have special meaning.

It’s a place to gather to share experiences and realise they were not alone in the loss of a loved one. For living donors, it is an opportunity to share the Games with the recipient of their donation.

And for all, it is an opportunity to see firsthand the benefits of the gift of life – and to feel encouraged by their part in this unique area of medicine.

We invite donor families and living donors from around the world to register for the Games.

Local donor families are welcome to register for the following free events:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Rememberance Service
  • Gift of Life Donor Walk

Donor families and living donors (both competing and non-competing) will have the opportunity to register at Supporter Rates.
We look forward to welcoming you to the World Transplant Games.

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