Meet the Operational Team: The faces behind the Games (City Sport Marketing GmbH)

The countdown is on! In less than a year and a half, the World Transplant Games will take place in Dresden. The organizing team has started their work. Behind the scenes, preparations are already in full swing. It's a good time to introduce the team.

Alongside World Transplant Games 2025 Dresden GmbH and TransDia e.V., CitySportMarketing GmbH, located in the heart of Dresden’s Neustadt, is handling the preparations for the major event. 

René Kindermann, Managing Director, CitySportMarketing GmbH: Sport, sport, sport! Whether in a tuxedo at the sports gala or casually on the sidelines at a football derby, René Kindermann is present wherever peak athletic performance and passionate commitment are found. As a host and former competitive athlete, he brings decades of experience in all areas of sport. 

Why the World Transplant Games, René? “It’s incredible what transplant recipients are capable of despite all circumstances. The World Transplant Games are a call to everyone who must cope with life’s challenges or health limitations. The athletes are role models and the best example that giving up should never be an option.”

Kristine Böhm, Event Manager, CitySportMarketing GmbH: No event is foreign to her! Event Manager Kristine Böhm knows what makes an event special. With the Ski World Cup on the Königsufer Dresden and ‘Schulsport auf Ski,’ she has brought winter sports to Dresden. Now, she looks forward to another major event. 

Why the World Transplant Games, Kristine? “Dresden is perfect for the World Transplant Games. I can’t wait to see the games unfold and to look into the emotional faces of the athletes.”

Niklas Hintelmann, Marketing Manager, CitySportMarketing GmbH: He sailed down the Elbe from the north to oversee a major sports event in Dresden. For his passion, no journey is too far. For the World Transplant Games, he keeps the marketing efforts coordinated. 

What fascinates you about the  World Transplant Games, Niklas? “The variety of sports is amazing. I never dealt with Pétanque before, for example. That’s exactly what makes these games special—they don’t just focus on the main sports such as football or basketball, every sport and every athlete has a place there.”

Moritz Struckhof, Sports Manager, CitySportMarketing GmbH: Hailing from Hamburg, Moritz found his way to Dresden. He has a very personal motivation: His father is a participant in the World Transplant Games. Therefore, he knows the games well and has experienced them live. 

Why the World Transplant Games, Moritz? “For me, the question is more: Why not the World Transplant Games? For me, it’s also partly a personal concern to create the best conditions and unforgettable games here.”

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